Water Consultancy

Water situation in each region is very specific and diverse depends on the surrounding. In Komodo Water, we also have the expertise to explore, discover, and manage the water resources in sustainable approach.

Water Service

We help people to look for their potential water resources and how to manage the current resources to fulfil their needs.
We do end-to-end service from geo-electrical survey, water drilling, water processing & technology, and water business management. We serve all customers from individual to industrial, personal to commercial.

Service Phases

Geo-electrical Survey

One of geophysical active methods is used in groundwater mapping to assume aquifer layer location based on layer’s resistivity

  1. Reservoir Study to identify storage of water in enclosed areas. Geoelectrical method is injecting electrical current into the earth, it can interpret potential groundwater and its distribution.
  2. Regional Geological Map, it provides important information in areas of potential resources such as minerals, coal petroleum, geothermal and groundwater.
  3. Groundwater Map, it shows groundwater resources, aquifer characteristics, and hydrogeological properties.
  4. Prospect Groundwater Map, it shows groundwater potential based on processed model generated by environment parameters. The produced prospect groundwater map can be explored for hydrological decision making.

Consina for Papagarang Kids

As and adventure gear that already well known by outdoor enthusiast, Consina want to encourage kids in remote islands to have big dream and reach better education.
We are delighted to collaborate with Consina in the effort to create a better local community life. Small or large our contribution will be very beneficial for the children in Kampung Mangge to pursue their dreams. We’re looking forward to work together again in the near future!

Panasonic 100,000 Solar Lantern "A ray of light in the darkness of Komodo"

“A ray of light in the darkness of Komodo” is a story about a new Panasonic employee, who accompanied the team committed to delivering light to villages without access to electricity and discovered “A Better World.”

In March 2016, solar lanterns were donated to two areas without electricity on the island of Flores in Indonesia. We visited the island to see how the solar lanterns are being used and how light has brought about change to villagers’ lives.

Travacello #SHOES4HOPE Komodo Papagarang

#SHOES4HOPE is a new program that’s seeking to bring travelers a distinct traveling experience. Travelers are given the opportunity to give back to the local community, as well as being an inspiration and hope for the local children by providing them with shoes. We distribute over 1500 shoes this year to schools in East Indonesia.

Science Film Festival Labuan Bajo

Your generous gift will bring joy and purpose to our family in Papagarang Island

Become a Volunteer

Let's be their hero, together we can change our society!