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Our daily work and service for making sustainability life and better future

Water Processing and Technology

We provide water supply from various raw water condition into drinking water. We choose suitable and reliable technology to bring you the water quality in sustainable approach even in remote area.

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Water Well Drilling

Drilling to aquifers layer up to 200 m depth

Solar Water Pump

Solar Water Pump is a technology to pump water from the ground using solar power. This technology is suitable for areas that have not been electrified, such as small islands or remote areas

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a membrane installment system to remove unwanted molecules and particles.

To operate this system, we can use conventional or renewable energy depend on the condition. There are three types of RO that can be installed depending on the source of the raw water:

  • Conventional Reverse Osmosis, the intake of raw water is from ground water
  • Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis, the intake of raw water is from brackish water
  • Sea Water Reverse Osmosis, the intake of raw water is from sea water

Integrated Water Management Solutions

We do end-to-end service from geo-electrical survey, water drilling, water processing & technology, and derivative products. We serve all customers from individual to industrial, personal to commercial.

Water Service

Water situation in each region is very specific and diverse depends on the surrounding. With Komodo Water, we help you to explore, discover, and how to manage the water resources in sustainable approach.

We help you to look for their potential water resources and how to manage the current resources to fulfil your needs.


How we provide end to end services

  1. Feasibility Study and Survey
    We provide feasibility study and survey to explore water resources potential. With our professional team, we conduct feasibility study for water needs in several sectors. We could conduct a full study or can be customized depending on the needs.
    • Social Mapping
      In order to develop a sustainable system, socio-economic data will be collected to understand the community needs, behavior, and economics.
    • Hydro-geology Survey
      This survey will identify and check the availability of surface water conditions such as flow rate, water quality, yield and recharge rate, drawdown level, water table, and general information to understand the water characteristics, problems, and potency in terms of developing options for alternative sustainable water sources.
    • Geo-electric Survey
      One of geophysical active methods is used in groundwater mapping to assume aquifer layer location based on layer’s resistivity.
    • Photogrammetry Survey
      This survey also provides several geographical information such as nearest important places/facilities, accessibility, land usage, and landform, projected construction area, natural hazard potency in the survey area.
  2. Data Analysis
    We analyze of survey results to determine suitable water management. Here we are committed to providing environmentally friendly recommendations and avoiding overexploitation of available water sources.
  3. Water Management and Technology
    We provide technology installation to process water resources that are below and above ground level, either fresh or brackish water. So you have clean and safe drinking water for your body and daily use.
  4. Derivative Products and Services
    The water you have can be used for ice production, irrigation in agriculture, tourism, or any other purpose to support your business needs.
  5. Operation and Maintenance Capacity Building
    We provide protocols, training for operation and simple troubleshooting for the operators. We offer technical assistance to operate and maintenance your water management.

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