Water situation in each region is very specific and diverse depends on the surrounding. In Komodo Water, we also have the expertise to explore, discover, and manage the water resources in sustainable approach.

We help people to look for their potential water resources and how to manage the current resources to fulfil their needs.

We do end-to-end service from geo-electrical survey, water drilling, water processing & technology and water business management. We serve all customers from individual to industrial, personal to commercial.

Geo-electrical Survey

  • Reservoir Study
  • Region Geological Map
  • Groundwater Map
  • Prospect Groundwater Map

Water Processing & Technology

  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Water Purifier

Water Drilling

  • Drilling up to 200 metres depth

Water Business Management

  • Business Plan
  • Market Development
  • Operation & Maintenance

So today, have no worries for water anymore. Contact us for your personal water advisor.