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Water Supply

We provide water supply from various raw water condition into drinking water. We choose suitable and reliable technology to bring you the water quality in sustainable approach even in remote area.

Papagarang Clean Drinking Water Project

100% Solar Powered Reverse Osmosis Technology

Drinking Water Supply






Papagarang is one of the island village within Komodo National Park in West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara


-No fresh water source, force the community to buy clean and drinking water in the mainland. -Limited source of electricity make fisherman should buy ices to mainland and mostly the ice wrapped in plastic. -Stunted child become one of the NTT government concern.

Executing Partner

Akuo Energi (INA), Mascara (FRA)


SEED Law Carbon Award

Government Partner

West Manggarai Regency

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