Solar Water Pump Installation in Kawa Village

The Water is Getting Closer

 After a year of waiting for water facility installation in Kawa Village, Nagekeo, NTT, Komodo Water finally finished the first phase. What we do is connecting the water spring to the water tank near the village through pipeline system. In August 2022, we managed to install a solar water pump and pipeline system. This first phase is able to distribute water from the spring to water tank with approximately 1 km distance. This water tank is a halfway to go to the village. This program is supported by New Zealand Head of Embassy Fund, local government, and local community. We are expecting to finish the second phase by the end of this year.

We hope this water facility could help the community increase their life’s quality and potential local economic. This is also a support for Kawa Village to become the next favorable tourist destination in Nagekeo, NTT.

Piping from water spring

Installation of Solar Water Pump

PV system installation


Solar Water Pump Installation in Kawa Village

Water Data