PT. Tinamitra Mandiri
Project : Market Research for Water and Ice Supply
Duty Station : Labuan Bajo – Papagarang Island

Despite the growing tourism industry in the Komodo National Park, the residents living with scarce fresh water supply and dry circumstances which limits vegetation to survive the island condition. Existing water and ice packs supplies are carried through 2-hours boat trip to Labuan Bajo using extensive use of plastics that causes severe plastic trashes problem in the sea. Moreover, diesel generators are the most common technology used to supply electricity in the National Park which harms the natural ecosystem from its residual substances and noises.

To tackle these challenges, Tinamitra Mandiri (TM) through Komodo Water (KW) had supplied fresh water for the island and surrounding, and currently plan to supply ice block to the area. KW plans to use climate-friendly technologies as an example for island development. It is implemented through minimising use of plastics by supplying ice blocks instead of ice packs, energy supply from solar-powered system and the use of hydrocarbon/natural refrigerant. KW has served to 7 villages in Komodo Islands, covering Papagarang (425 families), Mesa (450), Warloka (325), Komodo (500), Rinca (300), Soknar (80), Lente Golohmori (700), and Kukusan (80).

Problem statement

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Scope of work
Through this research, KW aims to conduct a study to understand the market and behaviour of the targeted customers. The works comprises of:

Period of work
Expected to start first week of December 2018 until February or 60 work-days (or based on further discussion).


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