They need clean water access

  • About 24 million Indonesians lack safe water and 38 million lack access to improved sanitation facilities (
  • Based on BPS data (2019), 25% of households in East Nusa Tenggara live without access to adequate and sustainable drinking water sources.
  • They often walk for miles just to collect water for daily needs.
  • Even people who live on small islands use seawater to meet their daily water needs.


Our Water Solutions

We produce clean water using sustainable technology.

Powered by advanced renewable technology

Reliable technology even in remote areas

Easy to be used and operate

Develop a sustainable-driven community

What We Do

Komodo Water provides solutions for affordable and sustainable access to clean water.


Water Processing and Technology

We provide water supply from various raw water condition into drinking water with suitable and reliable technology.
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Integrated Water Management Solutions

We do end-to-end service from geo-electrical survey, water drilling, water processing & technology, and derivative products.
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Sustainable Project

We could be the best partner for your CSR activities with sustainability approach.
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Water Data Platform

We collect water data and digitize it.
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Our Impact


Reach out people


Point surveyed


Water point identified


Gallons facilitated


Fuel consumption reduced


Plastic packs reduced


CO2 emission avoided


Awards and Partnership

Join us in expanding access to clean water for everyone
and help improve their lives.

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